Julie Baker’s unique understanding of women and their many lifestyles contributes to the versatility of Julie Baker Design. Julie wears her pieces with jeans and a white tee shirt, as well as with couture gowns to the fashion industry’s most elite events. Her designs are recognized as timeless, feminine, and wonderfully sexy. A classic look with a modern twist.

“I have always designed with the mind set of enhancing a woman’s own sensual appeal without overwhelming her individual beauty. As a model my job was to draw people’s attention to a design, I want my designs to draw attention to each individual with a natural and unparalleled flair.”

At the age of 20, Julie embarked on a career as a top fashion model. For the next decade her career took her to some of the most exotic and interesting locations in the world. She was fortunate to have lived in Asia, South America, all over Europe, and Australia. From the elaborate architecture in Barcelona, Spain to the effortless sensuality of the Brazilian people,...


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